Welcome to Aeries Online Enrollment
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Welcome to Aeries Internet Registration (AIR) Enrollment. 

Completion of the AIR Pre-Enrollment process is the first step in the new student enrollment process at OCSA, and must be completed by the parent or legal guardian for the student. All sections of the AIR online form must be completed. Information collected in AIR, including student/parent demographics, education level, emergency contacts, language fluency, and previous school enrollment create the student’s permanent electronic record which is maintained by the school throughout the years the student is in attendance.  Accuracy, as well as full and complete details are important. 

In order to enroll your child, you will be asked to create a login ID for purposes of entering yours and your child’s information. This ID is not connected to any other data system at OCSA.  It will not be used again after the enrollment process. 

When completing AIR –

  • Select for Year to Enroll - "2024-2025 Pre-enrollment" 
  • Use full legal name for both student and parents/guardian – student name must match birth certificate/passport/U.S.Visa, or you must present a copy of a court ordered name change document.
  • Nicknames should only be added if they are your child's preferred name - not what you may call them in private. Nicknames will be used in the classroom and listed on school rosters.
  • Please provide only the student’s email, not the parent's when asked to provide a student email address.  Students must have their own email address to access various other accounts.
  • Provide all parent/student/emergency contact phone numbers – home, cell, office, etc.
  • Emergency contacts should be someone other than you,the parents. Consider using one out of state contact in case we have a state-wide emergency.
  • If your child’s language fluency was not designated as "English Only" at the time they entered a U.S. school, please indicate under Supplemental Questions the language fluency they were initially school designated with – IFEP (Initially Fluent English Proficient), RFEP (Reclassified Fluent English Proficient), English Learner (EL), or if you are not sure, then leave blank. 
  • Provide complete contact information for all schools attended, including school name and district – this information is used to request your student’s cumulative school records from the last school attended.  This includes out of state schools, private schools, and homeschools.  Do not leave this section blank.
  • Use of correct abbreviations and appropriate use of capital and lowercase letters is required. The data you input is transferred directly into the student’s permanent record in the school’s Aeries Student Data System.


AIR enrollment takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The system allows you to log in and out of the program if you are not able to complete the form in one sitting. 

For technical difficulties, please send an email to the OCSA Tech department techsupport@csarts.net

Questions related to the information required can be directed to Student Services at student.services@ocsarts.net.  Please note that our office is closed during the month of July and early August and we will be unable to respond to emails during that time. 

To get started enrolling a new student click the "Enroll A New Student" button. If you would like to reprint or review students previously enrolled, click the Login button.

Once AIR is submitted, changes can no longer be made in AIR.  Updates/changes will need to be done in July through the Aeries parent portal Data Confirmation process, or in August during on-campus registration.